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Emergency Medicine

(I took this pic on shift with the ambulance in 2006 at Harborview Hospital, Seattle WA) The first time I came home after doing CPR, I was 22 years old and a first responder and firefighter with the Mukilteo Fire Department.  I had always hoped I would experience the moment a patient sat up, gasping... Continue Reading →

Tree Fort

Written in 1997 My brother and I took hammers, piles of wood leftover from Dad's woodshed, nails, tape measures, and saws. All were the foundation of our creation, youth being the age of limitless possibilites the giant maple tree the object of our creativity. We began with nails, simply pounding lumber against the flesh of... Continue Reading →

Time….written in 2000

 (from the year 2000) My dad has always been fascinated with early American mining history. The subject has become a hobby to him, and many of the books on his shelf are pictorial recollections of a way of life now only remembered and appreciated by those with a hunger for a knowledge of the past.... Continue Reading →

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