Falling Apart


Falling apart at the seams,
bad dreams,
incessant screams.
So loud! So loud!
My fist pound!
Angry from the inside out.
I want to rip and tear
my skin,
pull out my hair again.
I’m so lost and so angry
with nobody to take it out on but me.
Don’t you see??
Come on don’t you see?
But all you see is a smile,
like la de da
I’m fine
just been down for a little while.
Can you hear what I’m not saying,
this tape ini my head that been playing?
This angst this anger about to erupt,
This life is fucked,
wanna give up.
But you see me smile,
and that’s all you need.
All is good.
Success.  Succeed.
And I’ll keep on going
cause that’s what I do.
You’ve seen scary?
I’ve seen scarier.
You see a mountain,
I just hurdled that barrier.
This is who I am,
I have crossed over.
Once I was wounded,
now I’m a warrior.

2 thoughts on “Falling Apart

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  1. It’s good you confronted him! But the others that kept silent are just as guilty as him! You were right that had it been dealt with your babysitter the lives of the other young girls or even his son would have better.

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  2. Girl that took so much courage and strength I am in awe after this one! I’ve had dreams of myself being able to confront the man who molested me from 3-7, just to scream at him, physically torture him in any way! You had such strength in that moment I applaud you. I too fear how many more girls are still silent that my predator has damaged. I’m sure many more than I care to imagine! Much 💙


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