I stopped….

I already stopped.

That’s what was going through my head at the expo station. I was trembling. I had just watched this movie, called Hunting Emma…

I had already stopped.

It was over a long time ago? I just couldn’t. Anymore. I had to walk out. I need to get strong, if I want to be anything useful to them. I need to breathe. Get my confidence back. I don’t need to explain myself to them, or to anyone. They can think I am weak. I don’t need to talk to anyone or justify myself to anyone. I need to Lemma myself- define myself, so I CAN GO FORWARD AND STOP BEING TRAPPED.

Everything reminds me of something. I’m NOT CRAZY – crazy would be continue dying – when I already have one too many times AND I AM TRYING TO LIVE. NOT LIVED. NOT PAST TENSE> forward.


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