Last Night

The sky lit up and the clouds roared and grumbled.

Sinking Ship

After high school I wanted to leave. Growing up I remember Heidi telling me she couldn't wait to leave Eglon, and I didn't understand. It had been the only home I had known. But by the time I was 18, it no longer felt like home. I now understood her wanting to flee. I just... Continue Reading →

The Week Before…

I left to join the M/V Anastasis on October 2, 1998. I was 20 years old, and I was petrified. The week before I left for the ship I went on a walk along those Eglon roads, those T-boned crossroads I grew up on. I walked to the beach. I always went to the beach,... Continue Reading →

Mount St. Emma

You know when you feel it bubbling under the surface. You realize you are important but you can’t remember why- ? I’ve been dry heaving optimism - But then I start crying. Not so strong - kinda weak. I feel very weak.


I was twenty- it was 1998 when I sailed the Atlantic with the M/V Anastasis. I never talked about it. I had shame- I didn’t tell my mom what happened there until two years ago. Twenty two years later- and I only mentioned it- I didn’t talk about it. I only had the courage to... Continue Reading →

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