Tree Fort

Written in 1997 My brother and I took hammers, piles of wood leftover from Dad's woodshed, nails, tape measures, and saws. All were the foundation of our creation, youth being the age of limitless possibilites the giant maple tree the object of our creativity. We began with nails, simply pounding lumber against the flesh of... Continue Reading →

Sorrow Drowner

2002 I’m a sorrow drowner, A real downer, I was never taught how to feel feel. And I’m at home And I’m alone And I don’t know how else to deal. It's like MY WHOLE LIFE IS A CHASE me running from my disgrace- I'm not even in the place I can LOOK MYSELF IN... Continue Reading →

God, Lets Arm Wrestle Over This One

Holy smoke! When I took a toke! I scanned the crowd of folk and found myself- another GHOST!   It would be a downright flat out LIE to say that I have not struggled with religion as a direct result  OF THE BIBLE ... One of the things I had the hardest time accepting was...myself..."my... Continue Reading →

Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost (2011) Little girl, stop! Look in the mirror. Look hard and concentrate, you’ll be able to see her. See the woman staring back, on the verge of giving up? That’s you,
little girl,
that’s you, just older, after years in this world corrupt. Remind her! Remind her who she is! She is so much... Continue Reading →


Control (2015) Sex is a complex conversation- What is it we're saying? Use your body language- Speak with you hips not your lips- You have to have an active imagination. -Fascination. I'm fascinated. I ache. I love it and I hate it. Your mouth doesn't utter a peep, these little secrets we keep. And your... Continue Reading →

Facing Giants 1 (of 3)

Your face the familiar face that erased everything I know   "Does a man named Chuck get his coffee here?"  I asked the Barista across the counter as she handed me my change and I threw it in her tip jar. "Yes."  She said, her face suddenly sullen.  I recognized her expression as that of... Continue Reading →

Fish Bowl

I used to have a recurring dream when I was young. In it I had a fishbowl...and it exploded open out of nowhere, and sent these fish on the ground to flounder...I rushed to the scene in a  PANIC, trying to save all of my dying fish...but as my fish were flopping in the broken... Continue Reading →

America’s Latest Civil War

My name is Big Pharma. I'm here to help ya, not harm ya. I see your struggling for control because your kids are go-go-go and we know they know that they should be slowing their role but they won't and they don't. So I have a deal I think will appeal to you. I have... Continue Reading →

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