I was twenty- it was 1998 when I sailed the Atlantic with the M/V Anastasis. I never talked about it. I had shame- I didn’t tell my mom what happened there until two years ago. Twenty two years later- and I only mentioned it- I didn’t talk about it. I only had the courage to... Continue Reading →


dumb [dəm] ADJECTIVE temporarily unable or unwilling to speak:"she stood dumb while he poured out a stream of abuse"synonyms:speechless · tongue-tied · wordless · silent · at a loss for words · voiceless · inarticulate · taciturn · uncommunicative · untalkative · tight-lipped · close-mouthed · saying nothing It's always been the things I haven't been allowed to say out loud that have made me the sickest. I have wanted to speak - but I can't say it out... Continue Reading →


I remember when I was a girl being excited to wake up every morning. It was as if every day was a gift I'd use my sleepy eyelids to open-eager to experience whatever adventures the day would bring. I try to hold onto that passion, for being alive, but I lost it a long time... Continue Reading →

I stopped….

I already stopped. That's what was going through my head at the expo station. I was trembling. I had just watched this movie, called Hunting Emma... I had already stopped. It was over a long time ago? I just couldn't. Anymore. I had to walk out. I need to get strong, if I want to... Continue Reading →


I gave my mom my scrapbook. Aubrey a decade ago. On the three day weekend I had - a reprieve from the ambulance. Nights in Seattle. . At the shriners club - the night my face got pounded in. Broke. Double vision. But I had already split I was cracking.

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