Time….written in 2000

 (from the year 2000) My dad has always been fascinated with early American mining history. The subject has become a hobby to him, and many of the books on his shelf are pictorial recollections of a way of life now only remembered and appreciated by those with a hunger for a knowledge of the past.... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ech_6NpKC8 I love our awkward. The Nielsen's of Eglon, on our Nielsen Triangle collection of homes on Pilot Point, with that beautiful panoramic view of the Puget Sound, on Christmas, 1997.  Missing our first member, Kevin, now missing Grandpa (love the gravel of his voice caught on this clip), grandma (I can still taste her... Continue Reading →

Midnight Comes

Midnight comes, the bell it tolls The sound it makes like thunder rolls. The time, it comes, it passes quickly. I have died, my soul fly swiftly. (artwork by Kevin Nielsen)

Looking The Other Way

I'm disgusted by your apathy, I'm disgusted you don't care about the things you see. I feel disdain when you you look the other way, Like there won't be pain as long as you don't say.    

Ghost Walking

Ghost Walking She got more beautiful the less she cared. She got calmer with every scare. She stopped wanting after going without
. She stopped looking for doors, there was no way out. She stopped fighting, she was never going to win. She conceded so life could begin. She found peace
 with ambivalence, the world had... Continue Reading →

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