I graduated in 1997 - my friends and I were all frightened and delighted by the idea of GOING OUT INTO THE WORLD. The PUGET SOUND HAD MADE A NOISE. I didn't want to go to college - I had always worked. I knew I needed to make money. At sixteen my mom gave me... Continue Reading →


Yesterday Jessie came into work. He discussed.HIS DIGUSTOVER THE WAY THINGS ARE.I miss Sarah....Sarah reminds me of a SISTER.THAT GETS CAl-lessed LESS STRESSS been salt and salted. Ebb-FLOW WANT IT FOREVER BUT LET IT GO.

Two weeks

Yes. Yes. And thank you. Thank you. I'm a silent one for now. But I will be hear. I was raised in the PUGET SOUND. It smelled bad...like rotting seaweed. I find myself in Lake Ponderay and I NEED two weeks to PonderAway. I LOVE YOU ALL 🙂 PendOrielle....by definition Which means "Ear Hanging/Or PENDANT"... Continue Reading →

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