Home From War.

When I quit the ambulance, I felt like I had returned to civilian life. I felt like I had been at war. Everyone thinks warfare is something that doesn't happen here...in the United States...despite the watered down tales of terror shared by the news. I always found the news so trivial.  For the most part... Continue Reading →

He Breaks

My Ghost Speaks

He breaks,
he breaks,
he breaks!
There’s only so much a man can take.
So angry his hands shake,
fists clenches.
The ground quakes in the wake of his walk.
Spit flies when he talks.
Tight grip,
his rage has been awakened!
Shirt rips,
no more of him will be taken!
He’s through with it!
Like a caged animal,
being poked and prodded.
What was once down trodden
has now hit his bottom.
He’s lost all control,
no outlet
and nowhere to go.
Just a cog in a wheel,
never taught to feel,
he has a monster inside
and its coming to surface.
He has no place to hide,
he’s struggling for purpose.

myghost speaks 2014

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On a day that was too rainy to go out and play Emma and Eli took a book to their favorite nook to have a look at what was inside.   I came up with the idea for Eli when I was ten years old.  I thought there was nobody better to write a children's... Continue Reading →

God, Lets Arm Wrestle Over This One

Holy smoke! When I took a toke! I scanned the crowd of folk and found myself- another GHOST!   It would be a downright flat out LIE to say that I have not struggled with religion as a direct result  OF THE BIBLE ... One of the things I had the hardest time accepting was...myself..."my... Continue Reading →

Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost (2011) Little girl, stop! Look in the mirror. Look hard and concentrate, you’ll be able to see her. See the woman staring back, on the verge of giving up? That’s you,
little girl,
that’s you, just older, after years in this world corrupt. Remind her! Remind her who she is! She is so much... Continue Reading →

Clark Fork

My mother lives in Clark Fork, Idaho in a beautiful yellow farmhouse right in front of the train tracks, just a walk away from the Clark Fork River.  It is nestled into valley and surrounded on one side by the Monarch Mountains and the other by the Cabinet Mountains.  The way the town sits, I imagine... Continue Reading →

The Whore Of Babylon

I feel like the Whore of Babylon. I am looking for work.  I have some job opportunities but they are not falling in line...and I've been littering the city with my resume and application.  I've even PAID a company called Wag to work as a dog walker.  And out of desperation I put up an... Continue Reading →


Control (2015) Sex is a complex conversation- What is it we're saying? Use your body language- Speak with you hips not your lips- You have to have an active imagination. -Fascination. I'm fascinated. I ache. I love it and I hate it. Your mouth doesn't utter a peep, these little secrets we keep. And your... Continue Reading →

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