Burger King

It’s been three years that I have worked at Burger King.

Two years ago, at the onset of the pandemic, I told my boss that perhaps I was interested in management.

But I am not a good boss, I’m better crew member. They needed “bosses” and I am not one. I’m teammate. I love the people I work with. I love Destiny, and Joy, I love Christine, and Sawyer, I’ve gotten to work with Jedi and Lea at the same time I worked with Lightening and Thunder, and my writing self cannot deny that everyone has kindled a desire to continue…Writing, and life, and participating. I love these people. I’ve worked with Dakota when he is both North and South- and I understand these kids. A Brandon in a “LETS GO BRANDON” IDA’HO I wonder….I hope…I would desire Burger King allow me to still work for them as supportive crew as these young ones take more responsibility.

I desire less responsibility in the world and more simply – at the same time that I can respect myself for paying my rent. I do not want to quit. I am no boss. I only desire to be reliable. Without having to kill myself self medicating style to exist. Self medicate in the woods….in my family, not in – whatever the world is offering.


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